Monday, 28 September 2015

Four reasons for signwriting your van

Did you know that a busy van operating in cities and driving on motorways can be seen by over 3,000 people per hour?

With this in mind, it makes sense to utilise the time that your vans are on the road. If you already have the blank space on the panels of your vans, why not utilise them to their full potential? After all, it seems senseless to pass up on that many potential clients.

1. Signwriting is cost effective

With low costs and a long lasting lifespan, signwriting is one of the easiest yet most effective long term advertising investments. Our network of tried and tested signwriters deliver great value vehicle graphics, signwriting and wrapping of the highest standard, proven to last beautifully over the course of your lease. What's more, we are able to spread the cost of your signwriting over the course of your van lease.

2. A highly visible form of advertising

The key benefit of signwriting is the obvious one - a constant source of promotion. With just one of your vans attracting 3,000 pairs of eyes, imagine the impact of an entire fleet can have, both directly and indirectly. Even when your van is parked outside your business or home, it's still on display. Your signwriting and therefore your brand will constantly be viewable, twenty four hours a day, whether you are working or not. 

3. Can aid the residual value of your fleet

If you need your fleet to mirror your corporate colours, you not only have to pay for the special paint, but you have to deal with the effects that your colour of choice may have on the residual value of the vehicle. Typically speaking, white commercial vehicles hold the highest residual value, whereas other more obscure colours like blue or green will have quite a negative impact on the resale value of the vehicle when you come to the end of your lease. Taking a white vehicle and simply adding livery in your colours has become a popular method of incorporating your company colours without affecting the residual value of the vehicle.

4. Strong first impressions

First impressions really do count, so make yours memorable. A van with professional and vibrant signwriting is much more likely to make an impression than a plain vehicle, and if they remember the van, they'll remember your business. Presenting your services alongside smart, professional livery can go a long way in laying the foundation for a long lasting relationship with your client base.

If you are considering having signwriting placed on your company vehicles, or would like to find out more about additional services with your van lease, simply visit our website here or call us on 01424 863 456.