Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Top Ten Reliable Vans of 2015

Reliability is a huge factor when it comes to building your fleet.

Top Ten Reliable Vans 2015Especially when it comes to commercial vehicles. If a van is constantly in for repairs, or breaks down much more regularly than it should, your business suffers as a direct result.

Every year, thousands of respondents take the time to participate in the Fleet News reliability survey. The results are tallied, answers are counted and both a van and a manufacturer are crowned as the most reliable offering of 2015.

The past few years have seen consistency with Ford, Mercedes and Volkswagen all visible in the top five places of the manufacturer table, typically budging only one space or two. We see much more movement in the model positions, with the top 10 contenders rising dramatically or disappearing completely to pave the way for a newcomer.

Top Ten Reliable Vans

The renowned Mercedes Sprinter shoots up from seventh place to be crowned the most reliable van of the year, with the Volkswagen Transporter staying put in second. The Ford Transit is knocked to third place, and the Volkswagen Caddy follows up at fourth. Another climber for 2015 is the Vauxhall Vivaro, ascending three rungs to place fifth. Mercedes' second offering to the top ten comes in the form of the medium size Vito, while the first pick up to make the list is the Mitsubishi L200 at seventh place. The Ford Transit Custom places eighth, and Citroen's ever trusty Berlingo van keeps it on the table at ninth. The Volkswagen Crafter features for the first time, making Volkswagen the only manufacturer to have three vehicles fromcommercial vehicle range on the list of top ten most reliable vans.

2015 Van Table
1) Mercedes Sprinter
2) Volkswagen Transporter
3) Ford Transit
4) Volkswagen Caddy
5) Vauxhall Vivaro
6) Mercedes Vito
7) Mitsubishi L200
8) Ford Transit Custom
9) Citroen Berlingo
10) Volkswagen Crafter

Top Ten Reliable Manufacturers

Volkswagen secured the top spot for manufacturer reliability this year, knocking Ford down to third place with Mercedes rising to second. The fourth most reliable manufacturer has been awarded to Vauxhall for the third year in a row, while Nissan climbed two spaces to fifth place and Citroen drops by one to sixth place.  Renault moves up the table to 7th place, while sister company Peugeot loses two placements on the table down to number 8. Both Toyota and Mitsubishi make the table with no change in position.

2015 Manufacturer Table
1) Volkswagen (#2)
2) Mercedes-Benz (#3)
3) Ford (#1)
4) Vauxhall (#4)
5) Nissan (#7)
6) Citroen (#5)
7) Renault (#8)
8) Peugeot (#6)
9) Toyota (#9)
10) Mitsubishi (#10)

Leasing a reliable van from the outset will save you money and time on repairs and maintenance further down the line, especially if you are planning on owning the vehicle and running it for a while. It is important to take into account the overall life of the vehicle you are leasing, and not just concentrate on the monthly rentals. A van that costs you next to nothing in finance rentals may end up costing you a whole lot more to keep on the road.