Friday, 4 December 2015

Tippers & Dropsides: By Popular Demand

Tipper and dropside vans are wonderful things. Designed specifically to be robust and long lasting, they are the ideal tool for companies trading in a whole range of industries, not just construction and landscaping. A strong addition to any fleet, these vans are truly built for purpose. However, those looking to add a flat bed conversion to their fleet may find that the lead time is longer than would be ideal - with such specialist vehicles you are unlikely to find an army of them on the ground waiting patiently for a home.

More often than not, the process of choosing your ideal manufacturer and model, perfecting your specification, ordering the chassis cab and having it converted, approved and then delivered to you can take weeks if not months. Thus enters the "off the shelf" range of dropsides and tippers provided by various manufacturers to offer well-rounded specs with much better availability and a more straightforward process.

It goes without saying that different manufacturers will offer different features on their one stop shops, so to make sure you are ordering the vehicle that fits your requirements, we've put together a definitive list to help you out.

Citroen Relay Dropside

Citroen Relay

The Citroen Relay ready to run dropside comes in three models: L3, L4, or L3 Crew Cab. All parts of the body are pre-treated to protect against salt and water damage, and contribute to the long lasting structure. Of the three models on offer, the L3 is the most popular with a dropside internal length of 3.64m, internal width of 2.02m and payload of 1512kg including the driver.

Utilising the latest electro-hydraulic technology, the Citroen Relay Tipper is built onto an L2 chassis cab, with 3.0m external body length, 2.03m external body width, 860mm loading height and a payload of 1235kg including the driver.

Ford Transit

Ford Transit Tipper
Ford have spent decades building trustworthy vans customers can rely on, and there is no exception with their range of One Stop Conversions. Ford offer five different body lengths, from the modest L1 to the extended L5 and everything in between. Lightweight yet robust aluminium and steel subframes help maximise payload, with the highest available at 2320kg.

Choose from either a 1 way tipper body or a 3 way tipper body to meet the increasing demands of operating tasks. Options available from the One Stop range are an L2 single cab model, or the L3 double cab. All Ford Transit Tippers come with twin rear wheels and feature rear wheel drive configuration as standard to exceed on site expectations.

Mercedes Sprinter DropsideMercedes Sprinter

If your fleet requires premium brand vehicles with the quality to match, a Mercedes Sprinter is most definitely the way to go. As with Ford, Mercedes build all flat bed conversions with twin rear wheels for extra traction and offer a choice of four engines to ensure you get exactly what you need. Although no tippers are produced as a part of their ready to run range, Mercedes do supply both single cab and double cab dropside variants in the Short, Medium and Long models, enabling you to choose the best fit for your load and passengers.

If none of the above are suitable for you, you can speak with our specialist vehicle conversion team about your exact requirements, and we will arrange a bespoke vehicle conversion for you.