Tuesday, 7 June 2016

What's All This About AdBlue?

With the Euro 6 changeover fast approaching, it's time to talk about AdBlue, as it may have implications for you if you lease a Euro 6 vehicle that requires the solution.

What is AdBlue?
Without going too much into the science of it all, AdBlue is the name of a solution that reduces certain emissions from the exhaust fumes of UK diesel vehicles so that the vehicles will comply with the latest Euro 6 emissions standards.

How do I know if my vehicle needs AdBlue?
The only surefire way to establish if a vehicle uses AdBlue is to ask the manufacturer, as this information isn't typically published in the vehicle description or specification.

How does AdBlue work?
AdBlue, like fuel, is a consumable and it will be your responsibility as the hirer to keep the solution topped up throughout the course of your lease. Also like fuel, you will be responsible for paying for the AdBlue, not the finance company.

Although the liquid is treated like fuel in that it's a consumable, it is important to remember that it is not fuel, nor is it a fuel additive. It will be used in a dedicated tank of your vehicle, separate from the engine. If your vehicle does require AdBlue, you will need to make sure that the levels are kept topped up when needed, or the diesel engine will not function correctly.

How long does AdBlue last?
Generally speaking, AdBlue solution should last anywhere between 3,500 and 13,000 miles but will be dependent on the make and model of your vehicle. On average, the consumption ratio of AdBlue use to diesel use in the UK is 5 litres of AdBlue to every 100 litres of diesel. Of course, driving style and road conditions need to be taken into account and will affect the maximum range of a tank.

All vehicles that require AdBlue solutions will have warning systems to notify you when you need to top up. It is absolutely imperative that these warnings are not ignored, as most vehicles will not restart should the AdBlue run out.

How is AdBlue replenished?
For a lot of drivers, the AdBlue solution top up will coincide with service intervals, and you can have this carried out at the same time as your scheduled service for an extra charge. Please be aware that if you have a funder maintained agreement with CVC that includes full maintenance and servicing, AdBlue will not be included as standard.

Every manufacturer will have a different method of topping up the AdBlue solutions and the tanks aren't located in the same place in each vehicle. Some may be in the boot, some may be located under the bonnet and some may be by the fuel filler.

The manufacturers will prefer to replenish the AdBlue tanks themselves, rather than drivers and hirers of the vehicle attempting to do so.

How much does AdBlue cost?
Again, this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer - you may find that more premium brands incur higher costs for the solution and this should be taken into account before leasing a van. The price will also depend on the quantity purchased. Generally a complete tank refill will cost you less than it would to refill to buy by the litre, as you will have to take into account the labour charge to undertake the top up.