Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Self-Driving Lorries

It was announced today that self-driving Lorries will soon be making an appearance on UK motorways, with trial runs starting before the end of next year, after successful testing on tracks. 
These computer piloted, electronically linked vehicles, will be operating under the “Platoon Leader” scheme with each vehicle following closely behind one another and the speed, position and route determined by the lead vehicle.
Experts are hoping that the distance between the Lorries will be optimised, helping to reduce air drag, whilst cutting fuel consumptions and emissions by up to 20%.

Trials of this scheme have been successful in other countries such as the USA, Germany and Sweden.
There are however some concerns regarding this new operation, with people expressing that the UK motorways are too heavily congested for it to be successful. 

Another concern is that the UK motorways have more entries and exits than any other motorway globally, which might cause the convoy of Lorries to break formation, meaning other motorists will have difficulty coming on and off motorways.
The most important thing is safety for all motorists using the motorways and with that in mind all vehicles will be monitored with a team of experts recording the data from this trial, to ensure safety of all motorists are ensured.
During the trails the vehicles will not be un-manned with drivers on hand to take control should an emergency situation arise.

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