Thursday, 25 January 2018

Safety technology on 70% of all new vehicles

Image Source: Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT)

Safety technology on 70% of all new vehicles

Are you one of the many motorists on the UK's roads today that enjoy the perks of one of many new safety features that vehicles come with? New analysis has shown that self-activating safety technology is now on almost 7 out of 10 new cars which is good news as this has resulted in a reduction in collisions according to a recent data report.

Data produced by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) indicated that roughly 66.8% of cars registered in 2017 had at least one self-activating safety system from standard or as an optional upgraded extra. This increase in new safety technology being implemented has resulted in a 10% fall in road accidents since 2012.

The most popular vehicle safety system with nearly 1.8 million installations were collision warning systems up 20% on the previous year. Another key system installed on 764,751 cars registered in 2017 and considered a major breakthrough in safety technology was the automatic emergency braking (AEB) system.

So what safety technology is available on cars sold in the UK in 2017?

Park Assist

An automatic parking aid that steers your vehicle into and out of parallel and bay parking spaces.

Adaptive Cruise Control

An innovative system that maintains a set distance from vehicles ahead of you by adjusting speed accordingly.

Auto High Beam

Adjusting between high beam and low beam this system ensures optimal night-time visibility by sensing headlights or tail lights of vehicles.

Blind Spot Information

An ever helpful system that detects vehicles in the drivers blind spot when changing lane.

Traffic Alert

A useful addition that detects vehicles approaching from the rear when reversing.

Distance Indication

Maintaining the correct distance from the vehicle in-front has always been a manual task but with this system the car can now help drivers maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in-front.

Driver Alert

A helpful system that senses when a driver starts to feel tired and needs a break.

Forward Collision Warning

A warning to the driver about any frontal collision that is about to take place.

Lane Keeping Alert and Automatic Steering Assist

Helps detect when a driver is drifting out of their lane with a forward looking camera.

Traffic Sign Recognition

Senses upcoming traffic signs and displays them on the drivers dashboard or infotainment system.

A 2015 report by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) predicts the new technology will result in 2,500 lives saved and 25,000 serious accidents prevented between 2014 and 2030. A further additional research report found 6 in 10 people believe it will improve their quality of life with stress free driving as the main factor.